“Dress for Joy” Drive


Dress for Joy




We are all aware that in the past year, many people have been affected by the pandemic, particularly economically. Low-income families have been hit especially hard. Of course, this is far from over. The existing economic gap between the lower-income families and the higher-income families is likely to rise during the coming months.

Despite the hardships that our small business has experienced, we are so grateful for the help and support that we have had from our community during these trying times.

This is why the Très Chic Team is looking to give back to the community. We have come up with an exciting idea, The Dress for Joy Drive. It is an effort that we hope will give a reason to smile to the most underprivileged women in our community.


“The Secret to Living is Giving” – Tony Robbins



Starting February 1st we will be collecting dresses in support of organizations for underprivileged women such as Le Chaînon and Les Fée Marraines. When you donate a dress, you will not only be giving a piece of clothing but you’re giving someone a chance to look in the mirror and feel good about herself, you will be gifting confidence.

With your generosity, we will be collecting gently-used dresses and gowns for this worthy cause. As a thank you for your generosity, for each dress or gown that you donate*, TRES CHIC will be giving you a 50$ TRES CHIC gift certificate*.



Low-income families are especially challenged during this past year. Help us transform a special moment in a woman’s life by donating a dress.

Your gift can bring joy to a woman’s life!

Donations of dresses are accepted :
January 20th to April 30th 2023.
1638 Boul. De L’Avenir, Laval

For details please email us at : laval@tcstyling.com


Before Donating Clothing to the “Dress for Joy” Drive…

Ask yourself: “Would I wear this dress to a gathering?”
Ask yourself: “Will I approach someone wearing this dress?”
Ask yourself: “Will a woman wearing this dress feel empowered?
Please ensure that the garments are dry-cleaned or washed, ironed and given on hangers. We would appreciate if items that cannot be put on hangers be properly folded in large reusable bags or boxes. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to clean your clothing.
We have very limited storage space and want to give these women in need the very best appropriate dress possible! We ask that you carefully review the lists below to further assist us in meeting the needs of the wonderful women we serve.

Each donated dress will grant you a 50$ gift certificate that can be used on a future dress (Max. 4 per client).

  • We accept proper office dresses, cocktail dresses, grad, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, wedding dresses
  • Dresses must be gently worn in usable condition and dry-cleaned (no tears, rips, pulls, missing beads or stains)
  • All sizes welcome!
  • Dresses that follow common trends and styles are best
  • Sorry, but we do not accept dresses from Forever21, H&M, … We believe in offering women quality garments, made with lasting materials which reflects Très Chic’s overall offering and vision. We wish to encourage our community in buying quality not quantity that is turn an eco-friendly endeavour.
  • We reserve the right to refuse dresses that we do not deem will bring Joy to a woman in our community.



Le Chainon

Les Fées Marraines