Bargainista Fashionista

As tough economic times have posed challenges in the past couple of years for luxury brands, we have found a niche market in the industry; luxury & designer apparel and accessories at “bargain” prices for “fashionistas” like ourselves.  Our drive for finding luxury merchandise at “recession proof” prices and providing tailored services to clients, along with our great sense of style, has become the perfect business model serving “Fashionista Bargainistas”.

The Très Chic Styling client = The Fashionista Bargainista, is on a journey to defeat the ever present retail mark-up. Searching for luxury designer goods at wholesale prices, our savvy clients anxiously await their favourite designer pieces to be revealed. We invite “fashionistas” to lavish themselves in luxury goods at prices they will love so they can also become “bargainistas”.  Browse our revolving, online showroom and boutique and rekindle a love for shopping.

The “Bargainista Fashionista”, is a Designer-lover, modern professional woman or new mom that doesn’t have the time to research and visit stores and outlets in order to get new trends and looks. They are ladies looking for designer finds and looks, with the assistance of a stylist.

We look for basics and trendy pieces from department store overstock with client requests and needs in mind. With an eye for designer brands that are up and coming or which are difficult to find in Montreal.

In sum, we are facilitators in finding fresh new designer merchandise which would be otherwise difficult to be found at these unbeatable prices.