Even though the cold season is the hardest part of living in Montreal, the fashion associated with it is my favourite!  There is something about the richness of the fabrics and the layering of clothing that is quite appealing to me.   I find that being fashionable in this weather is more challenging!  Even though you are wearing different layers, you have to be able to style your outfit in a way that is warm, comfortable yet trendy.  And, let’s not forget the importance of the coat!  A necessity if you want to survive!  I think you should never minimize the power of a coat.  It is linked to the first impression you give when you walk into a room.  I consider its look to be as significant as the outfit underneath, if not more!

In today’s post, I felt like a canvas displaying a beautiful piece of art!  This European cream coat from Tres Chic Styling is one of a kind.  The usage of various beautiful fabrics and the delicate details are sublime!  At first glance it looks like a collage and different shades of beige.  But when you look closely, you can notice the intricate mix of textures, the richness of the materials and the refined embellishments.  To die for!  The excellence of the work is rare nowadays in contemporary wear and because of fast fashion, what I feel is missing is quality!  Focusing on that statement piece, I decided to sport it with simple black items.  The slim fit pants keep the look clean with a touch of elegance, thanks to their tuxedo feature.  I thought the structured collar required more attention thus the lack of a top and use of only a lace bralette.  To accentuate the waist and create an hourglass shape, I chose a wide leather belt.  I think it also added a modern twist to the sophisticated jacket.  But still kept it classy and subtle with black pumps and shoulder bag.  Finally, I opted for fine gold additions (in the clutch and the jewelry) to tie with the hues of the coat 🙂

Let me know how you would style this exquisite jacket!



Photos by Maria Kamisis


  • Cream coat from Tres Chic Styling
  • Tuxedo pants from Guess by Marciano
  • Black leather platform pumps – York High Heel from Michael Kors
  • Black shoulder clutch from Ivanka Trump
  • Black leather wide belt from Rudsak